Website Copy


Website copy is often overlooked by business owners and digital agencies. But if you invest in great writing, you create a powerful impression, ensuring that potential customers get a strong sense of what sets you apart from the pack.


Strong website copy persuades people to act.

In my experience, there are three main approaches people take towards their own website:


Website copywriting was a lot more time-consuming before they invented the computer.

Website copywriting was a lot more time-consuming before they invented the computer.


1) The "Bare Bones" Approach.

The most basic attitude of all. This is the approach taken by people who are vaguely aware they should have a website, but don’t fully realise how important it is, and can’t muster up the energy or dedication to think carefully about it. Because it's a matter of little importance to them, they’ll put its creation and design in the hands of the lowest bidder.

Even though the website that results will have terrible UI, UX, and back-end code, the business owner will be satisfied because “no one can say I don’t have a website anymore.”

Fortunately, this attitude is becoming increasingly rare. It was more common five or ten years ago, when people were less aware of a website’s potential to drive sales. These days it’s a viewpoint maintained almost exclusively by my dad.


2) The More Informed Approach

This second attitude is more advanced than the first, and much more widespread. It’s the position of those who realise how important a website is, but don’t know exactly what to do about it.

The majority of people fall into this category. Fully aware that a fantastic website is worth the investment, they put the job into the hands of a decent digital agency that's enthusiastic about the brief.

Unfortunately, most mid-level digital agencies don’t have in-house copywriters. After designing your website, they’ll either scrape together some copy themselves, or hire the cheapest freelancer to do it for them – generally someone who isn’t a native speaker and who doesn’t care one bit about your business. The result? A beautiful, functional, well-designed website with terrible copy that no one wants to read.

Your copy shouldn't seem like it was written by this man.

Your copy shouldn't seem like it was written by this man.

Good website copy persuades people to act.

Good website copy persuades people to act.


3) The Best Approach

Yes I’m a copywriter, yes I’m biased, but bear with me when I say this third attitude is the best one to have. It’s the approach taken by people who know a website is important AND have a decent idea of the ingredients that contribute to a website's success.

Rather than simply giving the job to someone blindly, these people think very carefully about what they want; what makes their business special; who their target audience is; what kind of impression they want to make; how they want to position themselves in relation to competitors; and a dozen other extremely valuable considerations.

Having thought about these things, they’ll find a digital agency that’s willing to make the emotional investment necessary to do the job well. The development and design team will listen carefully to the brief, then collaborate to come up with something spectacular.

Of course, most of the crucial considerations I mentioned above can’t be addressed by a beautiful and responsive design alone. It takes an empathetic and imaginative copywriter to do that.



Don't let poor copy ruin your first impression.

Powerful website copy does many things. It makes it clear who you are, what you do, why it matters, and what separates you from the competition. It tells the story of your business in a compelling way. It strikes the right tone: neither too sure of itself nor too modest. It eliminates any unnecessary background noise, and hones in on the main things people need to know.

Most importantly, great copy does a service for both the business and the customer, because it promotes a collaboration between a person with something to offer, and a person whose life can be improved by that offering.

If you want to find out more about how your website (and its conversion rate) can be improved by strong copywriting, I’d love to chat. Feel free to send through a link to your existing website when you contact me, and I’d be happy to give you some quick feedback free of charge.