Press Releases


Press releases are an art – and they’re a subtle and difficult one at that. But when you have a genuinely meaningful story to share, a copywriter can help it stand out from the crowd.

Press releases tell your story in a way that demands attention.

Press releases tell your story in a way that demands attention.


Exciting news needs to be shared effectively.

Unlike many other types of content, even the best-written press releases are a waste of time and money unless you have a truly compelling story to tell. Otherwise, your press release will sit neglected in lonely corners of the internet, unread by the people you want it to reach.

When you do have a meaningful story to share, a great copywriter can help it stand out from the pack of attention-seeking PR campaigns.

Whether you want to announce an exciting new product or service; a major company milestone; an upcoming event; a human interest story related to your CEO; or an educated perspective on something that’s currently in the news – you need to tell the story in a way that demands attention.


What is a press release?


Very good question. The answer varies considerably depending on who you’re asking, so perhaps it’s better to rephrase it: what makes a good press release?

In my experience, the best press releases are succinct (everything should fit on a page), and they use plain English to tell an inherently interesting story. As in Hemingway's best stories, each sentence should be carefully sculpted to present the most crucial information in the fewest possible words.

A typical press release is composed of several parts. First there’s the snappy headline, which draws people in. The first paragraph should be straight to the point, and answer the who, what, why, where, and how. The second paragraph might serve up a tasty quote or two from your CEO, or someone else with a high profile.

After that, in a few bullet points, you should provide any valuable background info that isn’t quite important enough to be in the first paragraph.

Finally, conclude with a clear outline of the who and what. The best press release will never get traction if reporters can’t see at a glance who you are and what you do.

The smile of a man who knew how to play the press.

The smile of a man who knew how to play the press.


Why write press releases?


Simply put, press releases are an ideal way to connect with your target audience. They help you secure that all-important publicity which spreads brand awareness, enhances the quality of your online presence, and gives your reputation a boost via the "social proof" of articles in reputable media.



I’ll make sure your press releases catch – and hold – people’s attention.


I focus on the writing component of press releases, and leave distribution to PR agencies with their fancy media monitoring software. In saying that, I’m always happy to give you advice about distribution if you'd prefer to handle this aspect yourself.

For instance, these days, most leading digital marketers agree that it’s best to share press releases via direct, individualised pitches to editors, rather than through press release distribution services. I’ve successfully pitched a lot of articles to editors over the years, and would be happy to guide you through this process.

The first and most important step is to find out if your news is truly newsworthy. Flick me a message and I'll give you my honest take on whether your story has potential as a press release.