Landing Pages


Landing pages are the virtual equivalent of your business’s reception area. A badly designed landing page, like a messy reception or an unfriendly receptionist, will confuse and annoy people and make them less interested in what you're offering.

A typical landing page template.

A typical landing page template.

Landing pages are essential to digital marketing.

Imagine that you’ve just spent money on a very effective online ad. Thousands of people see the ad, and hundreds are intrigued enough to click on it. When they’re directed to your website, one of two things will happen:

  1. They arrive at an ordinary home page, full of extraneous information that distracts them from taking the action you want them to take. Or worse – they arrive at a shoddy landing page that fails to answer the right questions at the right time.
  2. They arrive at a beautifully designed and persuasively written landing page. Whatever caught their attention and prompted them to click on your ad is reinforced by the landing page’s headline. Their main questions – who are you, what do you do, why should I trust you, what do others think, why should I care? – are answered succinctly and effectively. And at that moment, full of an excited sense of possibility, they see a “call to action” (CTA) which invites them to sign up now or get in touch.

As you might imagine, the second scenario is far more likely to result in visitors clicking on that CTA button. More clicks means more customers – and it’s for this reason that effective landing pages are so important for any online business.

Consider a situation where your website has 10,000 visitors a week, resulting in 100 sales – a conversion rate of 1%.

If you want to increase your sales to 200 per week, you could spend a fortune on paid ads in an attempt to double the number of weekly visitors to 20,000.

Alternatively, you could invest in highly effective landing pages that persuade twice as many visitors to buy your product, increasing your conversion rate to 2%. This second option is usually the most efficient way to generate more sales.

An expertly written, beautifully designed landing page by  Breather .

An expertly written, beautifully designed landing page by Breather.

The sales funnel in its simplest form. A great landing page  moves people down the funnel .

The sales funnel in its simplest form. A great landing page moves people down the funnel.


Do you want a well-researched, high-quality landing page?

I’ve written everything from basic landing pages to intensely crafted ones (which take more time). Empathy, creativity, and a fairly good BS detector are the main qualities that allow me to do my job well.

Just one thing to note: I don’t handle the design aspect of landing pages, though over time I’ve developed a good sense for what works and what doesn’t. Instead I focus on the writing component.

If you need your landing page to be built from the ground up, I can collaborate with one of the digital agencies I work with; this ensures that the writing and design are seamless.

If you’d like some free feedback on one of your current landing pages, drop me a line and I’d be happy to give you some advice!