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There's no limit to what good writing can achieve.


I'm a professional copywriter from New Zealand. I create things like landing pages, website copy, and email marketing sequences. By doing these things carefully and well, I generate more website traffic and better conversion rates for your business.







You're someone who needs something.

Do you need a storyteller who can give your business a human face and a beating heart?

Do you need a no-nonsense copywriter, who can persuade more people to sign up for your newsletter or buy your product?

Do you need someone to help you finish your 200,000-word erotic Victorian thriller?

If you answered "yes" to either of the first two questions and "absolutely not" to the third, you've landed in the right part of the internet.

Matt is THE guy for well researched sales copy. He takes the time to understand what your business is about and gets the message of your sales copy spot on.
— Thomas Treutler


What I Do

I offer a range of digital copywriting and print copywriting services, with a special focus on direct-response landing pages, website copy, and storytelling. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the virtual equivalent of your business’s reception area. A badly designed landing page, like a messy reception or an unfriendly receptionist, will confuse and annoy people and make them less interested in what you offer.

Website Copy

Website copy is often overlooked by business owners and digital agencies. But if you invest in great writing, you create a powerful impression, ensuring that potential customers get a strong sense of what sets you apart from the pack.

Storytelling & Content

These days, it’s rarely enough to offer a great product – even if that product is coupled with thoughtful copy that clearly and succinctly demonstrates the benefits it offers. Stories and other content attract people to your brand by providing value and leaving everyone hungry for more.

Email Sequences

Email sequences allow you to send free, solicited, high-yield marketing to people who have already expressed an interest in your business.

Press Releases

Press releases are an art – and they’re a subtle and difficult one at that. But when you have a genuinely meaningful story to share, a copywriter can help it stand out from the crowd.

Other Services

Digital copywriting (landing pages, website copy and so on) is my bread and butter, but I love having a variety of work. Over the years, I’ve been asked to handle a wide range of writing and editing jobs.




My overall rate depends on the amount of time it'll take to complete your project. Copywriting isn't just a matter of putting words on the page: its overall success often depends heavily on research, creativity, and brainstorming - all of which make crafting a landing page take much longer than firing off an email to a friend, for example.

For this reason, like many professional copywriters I don't use a per-word rate, because that would encourage speed at the expense of quality. The overall project quote will depend on the details and scope. But to make sure we're on the same page, my hourly rates are:

  • Hourly rate: US$40 (NZ$55)
  • Half-day rate: US$140 (NZ$200)
  • Full-day rate: US$260 (NZ$375)

As I explain here, I don't consider things like emails and Skype calls to be "billable hours". Communication with me won't cost you extra. And I'll provide you with an exact quote for your project before you commit to anything.




Contact Me


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