I’m a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader with several years’ worth of experience in the industry. I would love to work with you—so before you read on, have a look at my services page to see what I offer!

My Story

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Nepal in August 2016 to concentrate on my writing career—but putting words to paper isn’t something I began doing yesterday.


After high school, I spent a year travelling around India and Sri Lanka—a formative period which introduced me to the real world, and gave me time to read more widely and deeply than I’ve ever been able to since. It was also my first experience keeping a blog, which is apparently still live.

When I returned to NZ, I did a BA in History (and also took some extra papers in English, political science, classics, philosophy, and languages—it was a time of many interests and few career prospects). Between semesters, I worked as the sole full-time editor of the entertainment website Listverse.

Since then, I’ve had multiple lives: first as the head of customer support for a bold new startup called Minaal; then as a medical student in Australia; and now as a freelance writer based once again in South Asia.

Why Hire Me?

There are thousands of freelance writers and editors on the web—perhaps tens of thousands. In this environment, it can be a daunting task to find the right one. So what sets me apart from the rest?

  1. You pay less for more. I have one of the best price-quality ratios on the market. Because I don’t have thirty years of experience, you can be sure that every dollar I charge you is in exchange for quality; you’re not paying for an illustrious past. At the same time, even though my rate is affordable, writing isn’t simply a hobby for me or an easy way to work from home. It’s my lifeblood.
  2. You get clear and reliable communication. If you’ve ever hired freelancers in the past, you might have been frustrated by emails going unanswered for days, questions not being thoroughly addressed, or even a simple bad attitude on the part of the writer. I pride myself on not only communicating clearly, but giving 100% to even the smallest assignment and always making myself fully available to discuss things. I don’t resent the many unbillable hours I put into this job.
  3. You can ask me to do odd things. I have experience in a wide range of formats. I’ve written blog posts, articles, short stories, poetry, a theatre script, and too many essays to count. I’ve also edited and produced content for both web and print media. When you hire me, you’re building a relationship with someone who can adapt to suit your writing needs of the moment.

So What Next?

Head to my services page to see what I offer; have a look at some of my recent work; read what others have said about me; or get in touch with any enquiries. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to working with you!